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We will boost your sales using your current traffic without you spending a DOLLAR on ads.

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what is conversion rate?

Conversion rate is the percentage of website visitors who complete a desired goal.
In Shopify the platform we specialize in, the desired goal is usually to purchase the product.
The significant benefit of CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is that you can maximize revenue from your existing website traffic, without the need to spend thousands of dollars on advertising to acquire new customers. 

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When we start optimizing a site, the first thing we check is its traffic volume.
Because different traffic volume requires a different optimization approach.
For this reason, we offer two solutions:
-Low traffic sites- Below 40,000 visitors a month
-High traffic sites- Above 40,000 visitors a month

Choose your solution:

shopify store design

Creating a store with attractive design and trendy features might sound like a good idea, but the kind of design that really drives sales is one that: 

1. Uses persuasive copy and images.
2. User friendly and easy to nevigate. 
3. Shows that you are trusted and credibile source.

how we do it

At ConversionDeluxe, we specialize in forming a store design that applies these 3 important elements, and not only looks great but is strategically designed to MAXIMIZE conversions and revenue.

Whether you are aiming to boost sales, increase sign-ups, or drive engagement, we are here to help you stand out and succeed in today's competitive market.

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What do we mean by page design?


Product page

Collection Page

Cart page

Checkout Page

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full CRO with a/b testing

As a high-traffic shop owner with a lot of visitors, you can no longer rely completely on expert designers' opinions. Even if an expert had success with his clients implementing certain changes in the past, it doesn't guarantee the same results for your unique shop.

Each website has its specific audience and products, so it's crucial to approach design changes with a customized strategy. What worked well for one site may not necessarily work well for you. 

Our Approach

At ConversionDeluxe we collect audience data so we know our clients' success is not random.

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we follow a process that involves
understanding your audience through research.
Then we test changes based on that info
to make sure your store brings in more money.

Our Process

Research- We collect extensive data on your target audience to understand their preferences and behaviors.

Hypothesis- After the research we form a hypothesis.
An idea of what change we should make in your shop to increase revenue.

A/B testing- We put the hypothesis to the test with an A/B test.
One version (A) is the control group, reflecting the current state, and the other (B) is the variation with the suggested change.


Analyze Results- If variation A wins, we examine why the hypothesis didn't perform as expected, drawing lessons for the next test. If variation B succeeds, we...

Implement Winners
- We implement the winning hypothesis on your shop, to increase your revenue and make you more money.

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Frequently asked questions

About Us

Our team is on a mission to transform websites and maximize their conversion potential, so their owners can earn the most money possible.

We don't stop until our clients get great results. That's why we stand behind our guarantee: if we don't increase your conversion you will get a refund.

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Or Halachmi- Co-Founder
I have a big passion for technology and programming.
My journey into coding began with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, where I learned to develop websites and apps.
As my curiosity grew, I wanted to expand my knowledge, so I decided to learn more languages like C#, Python, and Java.


Jonathan Mory- Co-Founder
Ever since I can remember, I've had a passion for math and analyzing things. This led me to study and specialize in CRO, a field that combines elements of psychology and statistics, where i can analyze people's beliefs and needs and segment them as needed.

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